International Workshop on Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells Status & Prospects
10-12 July 2013, Montpellier France
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  • Detailed Scientific Programme
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  • Online Programme
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  • keynote speakers
  • Special session : KN1: Dr Grover Coors (CoorsTek, US)
  • Special session: KN2: Pr. P. Slater (Uni. Birmingham)
  • Special session: KN3: Dr. P. Baranek (EDF R&D, F)
  • Session 1: Dr. P. Ranran (USTC, CN)
  • Session 2: Pr. BK. Kim (Korea Institute of science and technology) : invited speaker
  • Session 3: Dr. ML. Fontaine (SINTEF, NO)
  • Session 4: Pr M. Stoukides (CPERI, GR)
  • Special session: Fundamental studies of PCC hurdles
  • Keynote 1: Transport theory in (mixed) protonic conductors
  • Keynote 2: Grain boundary resistance/space charge layer effects
  • Keynote 3: Ab initio modeling on stability issues of materials and interfaces
  • Session 1: Proton Conducting Oxide-based materials development: towards the best performances...
  • Novel material (electrolyte/ Air side and H2 side electrodes) /synthesis/properties
  • Advanced characterizations and intrinsic properties
  • Innovative synthesis
  • Sintering aid
  • Session 2: Proton Conducting Oxide -based Cell manufacturing: towards the best architecture...
  • Thin film process
  • Metal supported routes
  • Designed layer structure
  • Planar/tubular cell fabrication
  • Session 3: System architecture and scaling-up
  • Sealing, interconnects, current collectors
  • SRU and stack architecture techniques
  • System modeling
  • Session 4: Proton conducting Oxide-based system applications and reliability : where we are?
  • Fuel Cell application
  • Hydrogen production application
  • Hydrogen pumping application
  • Ammonia synthesis application
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